The Fake Wedding

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We come from the wedding world. Which I know sounds weird, but it truly is a whole world of it’s own. Office Party is the headquarters of multiple companies that come from that world: Yeah! Rentals, Shark Pig Weddings and The Flashdance DJs. Even though Office Party is really new, those brands are actually a decade old. So when it came time to throw a wedding centered event here, we had a very deep rolodex of contacts to invite along side us. As though all these other wedding brand owners and operators hadn’t been to enough weddings already - we decided to throw our own wedding…that was fake.

Turns out - even if the wedding isn’t real, it’s still real fun. We all had a blast, and of course it was an internet sensation. Mostly because of all the amazing companies that contributed to make it such a special evening. Here’s a list of those companies, and honestly - if you’re planning a wedding this is like a cheat sheet of amazing vendors! Watch out though. This list is a doozy!

We had catering from Room 40 up the street which was really bananas because they did an entire meal for like 75 people just to be down with the crew! It was a big move. They’re part of the Hospitality Collaborative with Pharmacie who makes the most delicious drinks. Dangerously delicious really. In case that wasn’t enough (it was too much) we also had Ashley there from Pour This with some amazing wine. Shine Lighting came and totally transformed the space with photons which is a pretty under rated service if you ask me. Borrowed Blu elevated the setting the table into a fine art form as usual. Dart Collective came and set the tone with some really nice live jazz during the day and then our Flashdance DJ crew took over the tunes for the evening. The Black Tux threw down to keep our groom looking good. Our highland park buddies from Civil Coffee added some caffeine to the mix. Of The Flowers did a really astounding job with this one. So cool plus they were going off on the dance floor later. The entire garden was flipped into this cozy space by Found Rentals and the indoor space was flipped green & clean by our friends at The Plant Library and our own Yeah! Rentals. The Smilebooth crew set up in our “phone booth” room but then ended up ripping the backdrop down and doing jump rope with it. One of the most fun/surreal things was that Jihan from Geronimo played the part of The Officiant complete with a hilarious ceremony. Jeffrey Valet made us all feel like celebs just pulling up. All wedding activities deserve a shout to the 100 Layer Cake gals. And all these photos are from the bro bras at Branch & Cole. The video was done in house by the maniacs at Shark Pig Weddings. So there! That’s a lotta LINKS!

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Brian Morrow